iRobo iEco+ Massage Chair



  • SL-TRACK Mechanism with Inbuilt four-wheel driven mechanical massage hands.
  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair which leads to a state of weightlessness and makes the massage deeper, as the body relaxes with all its weight on the massage mechanism.
  • 10 Automatic Massage Modes.
  • Manual modes: available options for a massage position, massage mode, massage speed, width, foot roller, and calf rest kneading.
  • 5 kinds of massage parts (full back, upper back, lower back, parƟal, fixed point).
  • Airbag massage: full body airbag, upper body airbag (4 airbags in the upper arm, 8 airbags in hand and lower arm), lower body airbag (22 airbags), with 3 strength options.
  • Collapsible head cushion design and varying intensity level options for neck & back.
  • Rated voltage: 110-120V 60Hz 220-240V 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Rated power input:150W. Rated time: 20 Minutes.
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